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Online arcade games take you to new levels of possibilities and imagination. You can assume the role of a tiny marble that has to rescue his princess and squash all those evil marbles to smithereens. Or you could be a gun slinging maniac who is on some sort of quest to avenge his fallen brethrens in a lush green forest. Imagine a huge bullet belt twisted around your chest and all you have to do is make your way across to the end, while shooting hoards of aliens. The whole point is that online arcade games are full of variety which leads to every genre you could ever think of. You may want to try this site if you take casino benefits seriously. After all, the site offers an astonishing variety of promotional deals through partner online casino sites. Check it out. There are games which fall into the category of; puzzles, shooters, racing games, swimming, adventure, action, card games and mystery. 90% online arcade games are for free regardless of the exception of a few games which come in a demo version. But it's all up to you ? either you go for full version or free version of online arcade games, satisfaction, excitement and fun is always guaranteed.