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Picking Out a Blackjack Variation

Online casinos and Quality Craps Games are constantly coming up with newer and more innovative blackjack variations in order to attract players who have grown tired of the classic version. To pick the best blackjack rules variation, players should look at a few things.

Challenging Changes

It's easy to get excited over the latest twist on the blackjack classic. Some games will let players play multiple hands, switching the cards to build the best hand possible. Others will use multiple decks to introduce more challenge to players to play online who rely on card counting to get them through. Still other games will introduce wilds or lower house edges. Players should look at the available options and evaluate what level of challenge they want in their game. If they're new to the game, a blackjack variation with 8 decks will probably offer too much challenge. They might want to stick to the games with a lower house edge and increased the chance of the player winning.

The Rules

Players should also be careful to consult any changes in the rules or strategies. Some games will change the reactions of the dealer, requiring the dealer to hit on soft 16s or 17s. Others will go in the other direction and say that for the dealer, 22 is not a bust. Players should always be careful to read all of the rules of any new blackjack variation, to make sure that they are not being unfairly disadvantaged.

With games like Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch, and Vegas and European style blackjack, it can be overwhelming trying to find the kind of blackjack game a player wants. Players should be careful to fully review the changes any new blackjack variation and Slots Jungle Casino makes so that they end up with the game that is right for them.