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About Online Spielautomaten

With so many different online slots games appearing here every day it is important that players know exactly what they are getting. Once players understand the different elements of the online spielautomaten game, they can better evaluate which games are better and which are best avoided.

The Reels

Every online spielautomaten game uses a set of spinning reels to generate the results and determine who wins and how much they win. Most all-time casino favourites games have between 3 and 5 reels with set patterns of symbols on each. The computer screen can then show as many as 5 different lines of these symbols or may display only 1 line. How many lines are displayed and in what direction these lines are matched up determines how many paylines the slot machine has? Paylines, in turn, determine how many different ways players can win.

Paylines and Pay Schedules

Depending on the casino and the particular online spielautomaten machine, players can have between 1 and 25 different paylines across which they match symbols. The more pay lines the machine has, the more chances the player has to win. Players can easily game to learn determine what a winning combination of symbols is by consulting the displayed pay schedule. This table will display all of the possible symbols on that slots game and let players know how many different ways they can be matched up. The table will also let players know how much they can win with each winning combination. This may be as little as a single coin, or as much as a million dollar jackpot.

By understanding these many elements in every online spielautomaten game, players play online can determine which games suit them best. If they want more chances to win or prefer a simpler game, there are plenty of options for every player.